NOE Exposure Winter Showcase February 12




DATE: 02/12/2022

  • Pitchers will throw modified bullpens
  • Position players will go through a pro style workout along with BP
  • 60 yard times will be recorded
  • All measurables will be record and published on online player profiles timely
  • Social media coverage

2022 Winter Showcase No Offseason

Saturday February 12th
1:30 PM All players check in (Profile picture taken)
2:00 PM Warm up Coach Lead
2:10-2:15 PM player individual warm up
2:20-3 PM 60 Yard Dash Every player runs twice
3 -4 PM On Field BP
  • Front Flips warm up in Cage
  • Players Shag Balls in Field
  • 10 Pitches per player
  • Player Evaluation and Exit Velocity
4 PM Pitcher Only Check IN (Profile Pitcher Taken)
4 -430 PM Outfield Position Evaluation
  • Each Player receives 10 Fungo ground balls
  • Outfield Velocity recorded
  • individual player evaluation
430-5:30 PM Infield Position Evaluation
  • Each player receives 10 Fungo ground balls from 3rd base
  • 1 ground ball will be a slow roller
  • Infield velocity recorded
  • individual player evaluation
530 PM Pitchers & Catchers Evaluation
  • Catchers pop time recorded throw to 2nd base
  • Velocity to 2nd base recorded
  • Each catcher gets 4 throws
Pitchers Evaluation
  • 6 Fast Balls
  • 6 Curve Balls or Cutter
  • 4 Change ups

Registered PLayers

No Offseason Exposure Winter Showcase was created to give players exposure to College coaches and scouts at all Levels – Players who attend will get a player profile with the following: 60 yard dash times, Trackman Pitching/hitting metrics, positional stats, player video and a scouting report.